Dr. Jerome Kelleher
Postdoctoral research assistant
Institute of Evolutionary Biology
Ashworth Laboratories
West Mains Road
public key: public-key.txt
Jerome Kelleher


I am working on a new model of evolution in continuous space with Nick Barton and Alison Etheridge. This model is based on recurrent extinction/recolonisation events happening at a range of scales. The model solves some of important technical problems with the classical models of isolation by distance. My reseach has focused on calculating the probability of identity in state for randomly sampled genes, both analytically and through simulation.

Integer Partitions

Integer partitions are a fundamental combinatorial object. A partition of a positive integer n is an unordered expression of n as a sum of positive integers. My PhD thesis considered the problem of generating all partitions of an integer, and specifically, argued that the choice of encoding for generating partitions is critically important. See here for more details, and for the most efficient known partition generation algorithms.

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